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The TDC Locator

This stand-alone instrument will dynamically locate the TDC point of a Gasoline or Diesel internal combustion engine by non-intrusive means. The system operates on a running and fully dressed engine, giving seamless operation with no effect on engine performance or operation. Simply attach a microwave probe over an existing spark or glow plug, connect an HT or injector pickup transducer and supply a rotational reference and our dynamic TDC locator will do the rest, producing a TDC output in around 2 minutes. Once the engine has been analysed the system will lock to the rotational reference and produce a real time TDC output pulse for every revolution and throughout the engine speed range. An ignition or injector timing angle for the given cylinder will be displayed in real time.



With the press of a single button this system will automatically analyse the engine and produce a TDC location in a matter of minutes. Operating this tool could not be easier, with no settings to alter and an icon driven interface. The Main Blue Button
Although day-to-day operation will be as a stand-alone system, the TDC locator boasts a USB interface to allow engineering data to be viewed and analysed. It also allows the system settings to be altered so that your process can be tailored and optimised for your specific application, saving even more time on set-up and maximising the productivity of your testing programme, saving you time and money.

Screenshot of the Interface Software
Dimensions: Standard 19" rack fitting and 3U height.
Weight: 8 kg.
Accuracy: +/- 0.1° typical.
Resolution: 0.01° typical depending upon the resolution of the rotational reference.
Repeatability: Typically < 0.05°.
Operating range: 5 to 40°C.
Duty Cycle: 100%.
Supply Voltage: 90-264 vac.
Timing Input: 1000:1 current clamp for gasoline or similar characteristic transducer for Diesel.
Rotational reference input: 5 V TTL compatible pulse train. Recommended 100-150 markers per revolution.


TDC: The engine TDC point, represented by a positive pulse edge. 5 V TTL compatible pulse of 500 us duration.
Timing (Spark/Injector): Ignition or Injector firing event. 5V TTL compatible pulse of 500 us.
Ring Gear: Rotational reference pulse train. 5V TTL compatible positive edge referenced pulse of 1 us duration.
HS Ring Gear: Multiplied rotational reference output used to increase the resolution of the system beyond the basic number of rotational reference markers. 5V TTL compatible positive edge referenced pulse of 1 us duration.
Microwave: SMA 50Ohm for connection to Spark/Glow plug adaptor via microwave coax.
Length of uW coax cable: < 3m.

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