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3-Phase Power Rig

Our range of fully synthesised AC Voltage and Current Power Sources are ideal for application in electricity meter testing, calibration laboratories, Aerospace/Military and a multitude of other applications. The sources are based on state of the art switching amplifiers providing excellent performance, ruggedness and exceptional load tolerance.

Condensed into a 6u 19" SubRack, our source systems are fully configurable and available in single phase and 3-phase variants with output capabilities of 30-600V on the voltage channels and 10mA to 120A on current at powers of 30VA to 300VA per channel.

Digital control via a single communications link allows fast, on-the-fly control of set-points, phase and frequency. This provides stand alone operation with just a single host or real time closed loop control with the addition of a reference standard and associated software.

All our systems are electronically protected against overload, in the form of excessive burden, transient peaks and short/open circuit conditions for Voltage and Current respectively.

Key Benefits

Key Features

Our Power Sources are fully modular and as such can be supplied in a configuration to suit your needs. Voltage and Current sources can be configured to produce a system from just a single phase and single channel upto a full 3-Phase Voltage and Current Source system.

We boast USB and RS232 interfaces to allow full and real-time control of all parameters via a single host. The fast response of our Sources lend themselves perfectly to integration into a closed loop configuration allowing the superfine and real-time control of set points. A Microsoft Windows® application is supplied providing you with full control of the power source via the USB or RS232 interfaces.


Screenshot of the Interface Software


Output 30-600V and isolated
Power Capability 30-300VA
Resolution 0.01V
Set Point Accuracy 0.5% Under all resistive load conditions
THD <0.5% Linear Load
Phase 0-360°
Protection Short circuit, overload and over-temperature
Efficiency 85% Typical


Output 10mA to 120A and isolated
Power Capability 30-300VA
Resolution 1mA
Accuracy 0.5% Under all resistive load conditions
THD <0.5% Linear load
Phase 0-360°
Protection Open circuit, overload, over-temperature
Efficiency 85% Typical


Outputs Single or Three Phase
Inputs Synchronisation input
Interface USB and RS232 (open command set)
Frequency 45-70Hz or 45-500Hz
Frequency Resolution 0.01Hz
Frequency Accuracy ± 0.02Hz
Waveform 16-bit 3600 points/cycle
Amplitude Control 16-bit
Power Supply 90-265 Vac